They Have Been Beautiful

Yesterday was the four year anniversary of the weekend I moved up here. That Sunday in 2018 was one of the saddest, grayest days of my life. And I'm not sure I've ever felt the degree of aloneness I felt that afternoon as my dad and brothers drove back "home" and I walked to the … Continue reading They Have Been Beautiful

2021: A Year in Books

And here we are again—the end of another year, and the time to give an account of what I read over the last twelve months. 2021 was the most-read year of my adult life: 59 books—41 non-fiction and 18 fiction. I read so many good books this past year, that I am just going to … Continue reading 2021: A Year in Books

Communion is for Pandemics and Ever After

This is my body given for you…remember me. This is my blood poured out for you…remember me.—Luke 22:19–20 (paraphrase) Plastic crinkles and tears—harsh sounds in the stillness. None of us imagined that we’d one day be partaking of the Lord’s Supper from individually-packaged plastic cups. That we’d be pulling masks down to eat and drink. … Continue reading Communion is for Pandemics and Ever After