My Best Books Read in 2022

This past year, I read 78 books. Exactly half were fiction and non-fiction. Some were outstanding. Some were not. Below are my favorites and all ones I would recommend. Disclaimer: I read a lot of hot-of-the-press secular fiction, and cannot remember which of them had language, etc. as many (all?) of them involved adult topics. … Continue reading My Best Books Read in 2022

They Have Been Beautiful

Yesterday was the four year anniversary of the weekend I moved up here. That Sunday in 2018 was one of the saddest, grayest days of my life. And I'm not sure I've ever felt the degree of aloneness I felt that afternoon as my dad and brothers drove back "home" and I walked to the … Continue reading They Have Been Beautiful

Communion is for Pandemics and Ever After

This is my body given for you…remember me. This is my blood poured out for you…remember me.—Luke 22:19–20 (paraphrase) Plastic crinkles and tears—harsh sounds in the stillness. None of us imagined that we’d one day be partaking of the Lord’s Supper from individually-packaged plastic cups. That we’d be pulling masks down to eat and drink. … Continue reading Communion is for Pandemics and Ever After