Forgetting the Past, Straining Forward

In just a few short hours, it will be a new year. 2015. I can’t say I’ve been waiting all my life for this year. Nor can I say that I’ve even thought much about what this New Year may bring. But there are no backward looks at 2014. I have no desire to stay … Continue reading Forgetting the Past, Straining Forward

Farewell, Bestest Friend

Just two short days ago, my bestest best friend left this place we call earth—a mixture of dirt, sky, and water. In the end, God will do the right thing, but my heart believes that the precious lives found in our pets go home to be with Jesus. That one day, it will be both … Continue reading Farewell, Bestest Friend

Psalm 16

1. Recognition "You are my Lord. I have no good apart from you." (v.2) Everything good is found in God. Recognition opens our eyes to the Source of every good thing: Jesus. Anything truly good in life is just a droplet from the Fountain. 2. Running from God "Sorrows are multiplied for those who chase … Continue reading Psalm 16