Christmas with Jesus

Sometimes, it seems that death has a way of drawing us back or closer to Jesus. We think more about eternity and Jesus, and about people who don’t know the Lord.

At this time of year, you can’t help but think about all the people celebrating Christmas with Jesus. What is it like to be with both the Giver and the Gift in the same person? To be surrounded by lights, angels, joy and peace, family, laughter, hugs, and the One who made Christmas? Are they still celebrating/remembering Advent with Jesus? Do they give gifts?

I long for my own Christmas in Heaven. To wake up Christmas morning to Jesus instead of stockings. To hug and be held by Jesus, instead of cats and rats. To see the Light of the world, instead of lights lighting up the world. To hold hands with Immanuel and physically have “God with us”.

Yes. It definitely sounds like the place to be at Christmas. Seeing God–imagine that!

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