Autumn {or the weight of glory in a thousand scattered beams}


Arms on the windowsill. Night sounds being funneled through the screen like cream through a cheesecloth. A full moon that looks more like an almost-ripe pumpkin than the golden orb it actually is.

Tears falling from eyes. Cicadas singing a thousand variations of the same lullaby. Leaves silently releasing their hold on branches that have been suspending and sustaining their very lives for over one hundred days.

Memories being slid between envelopes on shelf # 2 on the bookshelf. Dreams gently shook out and allowed to see the sun after seasons of being pushed to the back of shelves, frames, and life. Breath-taking beauty in first light of day.

Flowers in magenta, violet, strawberry, plum, and scarlet spill over pots and gracefully cease to be in a puddle of dried paint on the smooth, cool, gray of cement. Geese fly overhead, crying, “Good-bye! Good-bye, loves!” as they head to futures unknown.

Acorns fall like rain in forests. Deer move through the stillness like blind thieves. Long shadows of sunlight winking through empty spaces. Time trampling everything in its path—defiant rebel to red lights and red octagons.

Voices of people loved. Smiles equally beautiful. Sunsets staining the sky in violent shades of finger paint. Father God’s kisses that make the bitter sweet. Umbrellas in red, peacock, gold—colors of infinity and royalty. Sidewalk art in silvers and dust and smoothest textures.

Change. Cartwheels. Pachelbel. Photos in blacks and whites. Whisper-thin prayers. Zucchini. Pancakes floating in maple syrup. Whisker kisses. Matt Papa. Worship and glory. Weight and depth. Isaiah. Hillsong. October. Dancing. Mile-wide smiling. Broken waters. Broken hearts. Hosea. Beautiful Savior.

Jesus. Heart and soul. King and Father. Soap bubbles. Sun-split rainbow. Green eyes. Laughter lines. Southern accents. Heart songs. Pools of promise. Amos. One thousand tomorrows. Pending Advent. Messiah. Blessings and benedictions. Bethlehem. Holding hands. Laughter. Autumn.

Tears. Oceans. Goodbyes. Last everything. Harvard. Birthdays. Grace. Faces. Everlasting Father. Coffee. His name. His heart. His hope. First place. Second things. Songs of forever. Something beautiful. Cheese and apples. Joy—endless joy. Peace. Hope. Tomorrow.

Best Father. Only Savior. Spirit—sweetest Gift. Depth and width and height. Surpassing. Overwhelming. All-consuming. Unassailable. Yet, touchable, reachable. Only and ever-wise God. All praise, all honor, all weight and worth and love and devotion only and ever to you, King Jesus!


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