Who You Really Are


I just registered for the MAVT convention to keep up my certification for my degree. For the first time since going to college, I am not a practicing veterinary technician. I am not doing anything with animals—except being a simple cat owner. I don’t even have any exotic pets this year—the first for me in eleven years. It’s as if my past life with animals never even existed.

Two years ago, I wrote about this in a yet-to-be-published post called “Change”. It was a hard-hitter to first realize that I was paying off a loan on a degree I was barely using at that time. It also bruised my pride to not be using my college education—at all.

Some good conversations with Father God that winter changed my perspective. I had perfect peace in the current life I was living. I knew he had called me to this exact position to be a better fit with church ministry, and I was grateful. And I am grateful.

Over and over, God and people have lovingly reminded me, “Rach, who you are is not what you do” (because I often forget). My current position allowed me to take a 10-day mission trip (when I only had 20 hours of vacation time at the time), my boss has consistently honored my request to have Tuesdays off to work at the church and has adjusted my schedule to allow for various church events and outreach opportunities over the past 2+ years.

Who I am is not dependent on whether I am currently using my degree—or if I ever use it again. Who I am has less to do with what I do and far more to do with who I am—who God is making me into. That is what matters to him, and that is what should matter to me too. The mundane, seemingly insignificant aspects of work matter to the degree they affect me—negatively or positively.

As my favorite author and missionary, Helen Roseveare, once wrote (on being whittled arrows in the hands of Jesus), “God can either use me or hide me. The choice is his.” How I respond is up to me.

Jesus, you must increase and I must decrease (John 3:30). Help me more fully realize that I am dead and my life is hidden in yours (Col. 3:3, Gal. 2:20) and that you are the only and ultimate Treasure. I want my only boast to be you (Gal. 6:14), and that will never happen if degrees, education, promotions, and positions have a leading place in my heart and life.

He is better. So much better.


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