Dream Jesus’ Dreams

“Jesus, restore her broken dreams….”

These were the words prayed over me last week by one of the dearest women in my life. And for someone who can count on one hand the times I’ve really cried in the past 1 ½ years, those words caused the water to run from my eyes.

That simple sentence set my heart free. If my heart were a kite, the tether was seamlessly cut in two and away floated my heart into the hands of Jesus.

Dear friends, it is hard for Jesus to heal a heart that is tightly wrapped up in rags and locked away from him. But it is also hard for true healing to occur if you keep your heart to yourself. Give Jesus your broken heart, your shattered dreams, your trampled future. And let others into the dark, sacred cocoon that your heart is nestled in.

A cocoon is a place of transformation. A resurrection of sorts. What went in comes out as something entirely different. And if it doesn’t change, it dies. Hearts were made for transformation by Jesus.

The deepest dreams of my soul need to be hidden in Christ. If they are only my dreams, then they need to die. But if they are dreams that originate in the mind of God, then they need to be safely held by him until the day he breathes them into life.

This past month, Father God has been stripping the dirty cloth wrappings from my heart. He is taking the stone in the rags and making it into a heart of flesh. The hardened heart that wanted to run after my own dreams is being softened by God to want his dreams and plans for my life.

Jesus, I don’t want to chase the wind.  I want to relentlessly pursue you.

Sometimes our broken dreams have to die. Never to rise again. Sometimes these deep longings of the heart are simply meant to drive us into the arms of our Father. Jesus is the answer to our greatest, deepest dreams. He is.

And sometimes these dreams lay in the hands of Jesus for a season—be it long or short. Resting in sweet surrender to his timing, his fulfilment to one day be brought to actuality.

I don’t know whether the greatest dreams of my heart will ever be restored in this life, but in the end, all is well. It is well with my soul. If these dreams are not Jesus’ dreams as well, then I don’t want them. Psalm 37:4 says to, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” And, I wonder if it isn’t very possible that the desires of our hearts shift when we begin to seriously find our joy, hope, and life in Jesus.

God loves to give good gifts to his children, but sometimes, the gifts, dreams, and desires he gives us in the end were nothing like what we were asking for in the first place.

Trust God to heal your broken heart and bring life to your dead dreams. Don’t expect the dream that emerges from the cocoon to look exactly like what went in. But with a heart of surrender to Jesus, it’s very possible you will love what is transformed far more than you ever would have loved your original dream being answered.

Jesus, would we dream your dreams? With you.

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