In, With, and Because of Jesus

Tonight, as I am working on some theology lessons, I am listening to Hillsong Worship’s newest album, and this one song in particular has completely captured my heart and soul. “As it Is (In Heaven)”—my goodness, this song holds such beautiful, solid promises!

In Jesus, the darkness can’t find me

Sometimes, the darkness of life is as close as skin stretched tight. Sometimes this darkness seems to be the only thing before us, behind us, and all around us. It is a thick fog, a heavy snow, a cloud-covered night. Sheer darkness. Tangible dark. Deep dark.

But there is one place that the dark can’t find us. And that is hidden in Christ. No darkness is as thick as the death-darkness he crushed on the cross. No darkness is as painful as the dark separation the God-forsaken Son of God experienced as he died alone. All darkness is swallowed up, choked to death, and smashed into the dust by the feet of the Savior King.

This God is very light himself. This God is brighter than the light of a thousand suns on a snow-covered January. And this God is closer than the air in our lungs. This God is all around us, before us, behind us, and in us. He is Immanuel: God with us.

His light is unstoppable. Unquenchable. Uncontainable. Unending.

With Jesus, while I’m waiting, I know I’m not waiting

Just this week, I was telling God that I don’t want to sit back and wait for the next big thing. I want to know what it is right now. Nor am I easily content with simply waiting for him to quietly speak. I want him to shout it from the rooftops. I crave certainty, straight paths, and definition. But more than constantly doing the next thing, serving in the next ministry, and going to the next place is the simple whisper to be. Be with Jesus not do for Jesus. It is in the waiting at his feet that the waiting isn’t waiting. It is in the resting in his peace and joy, that the rest becomes life-giving, soul-satisfying, Christ-exalting.

Because of Jesus, I’ve got everything I need to sing

Christ is enough. Nothing more. Nothing less. Jesus—only Jesus. He has always been enough. But sometimes I forget that he truly is enough. Everything that I think will satisfy, bring joy and hope and meaning is infinitesimal compared to all that is Jesus. In him, I lack nothing, miss out on nothing, need nothing. The song in my soul can burst forth because he is I AM.

In Jesus, the darkness can’t find me. With Jesus, the waiting isn’t really waiting. And because of Jesus, I have absolutely everything I need to sing.

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