Books Read in 2020

And here we are again. The end of another year, and time to give an account for all the books read in 2020. This year I read 39 books—20 fiction and 19 non-fiction—the first year I have read more fiction than non-fiction.

Best book overall: Blessed, Broken, Given

Non-fiction runners-up: Gentle and Lowly, Changes that Heal

Top fiction book: The Dearly Beloved

Fiction runner-up: Baking Cakes in Kigali

Most helpful books read during the early months of COVID: Gentle and Lowly, Changes that Heal, The Emotionally Healthy Woman, The Mitford series

Books out of my normal genres: Baking Cakes in Kigali, When a Monster Calls, The Latehomecomer, The Little Prince

The complete lineup of books that I read this past year:


  1. The Dearly Beloved (Cara Wall)
  2. The Things We Cannot Say (Kelly Rimmer)
  3. Virgil Wander (Leif Enger)
  4. A Note Yet Unsung (Tamera Alexander)
  5. The Bridge to Belle Island (Julie Klassen)
  6. Harp on the Willow (BJ Hoff)
  7. Not a Sparrow Falls (Linda Nichols)
  8. The Ragged Edge of Night (Olivia Hawker)
  9. Baking Cakes in Kigali (Gaile Parkin)
  10. Reclaiming Lily (Patti Lacy)
  11. At Home in Mitford (Jan Karon)
  12. A Light in the Window (Jan Karon)
  13. These High Green Hills (Jan Karon)
  14. Out to Canaan (Jan Karon)
  15. The Soul of the Rose (Ruth Trippy)
  16. Lila (Marilynne Robinson)
  17. Love Big, Be Well (Winn Collier)
  18. Colors of Truth (Tamera Alexander)
  19. When a Monster Calls (Patrick Ness)
  20. The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


  1. Adorning the Dark (Andrew Peterson)
  2. Something Needs to Change (David Platt)
  3. The Hardest Peace (Kara Tippetts)
  4. The Gospel According to Satan (Jared Wilson)
  5. The Next Right Thing (Emily P. Freeman)
  6. Gentle and Lowly (Dane Ortlund)
  7. Changes that Heal (Henry Cloud)
  8. J Curve (Paul Miller)
  9. Living Life Backward (David Gibson)
  10. Blessed, Broken, Given (Glenn Packiam)
  11. How Long, O Lord (D.A. Carson)
  12. The Latehomecomer (Kao Kalia Yang)
  13. Don’t Lose Heart (Jason Meyer)
  14. The Unsaved Christian (Dan Inserra)
  15. Not Forsaken (Jennifer Michelle Greenberg)
  16. God is in the Manger (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
  17. My Seventh Monsoon (Naomi Reed)
  18. The Emotionally Healthy Woman (Geri Scazzero)
  19. An Even Better Christmas (Matt Chandler)

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