Run to Jesus

In the middle of my conversation with Michael (yes, that is his name) at the Atlanta Airport, he confessed to me that after being treated like less than a human being by the Baptist mission worker that very evening, he went to the bar. “Not only did I go to a bar, but I had … Continue reading Run to Jesus


Michael (Part 1)

While there are many moments and conversations that are favorites from my trip to the Dominican Republic, my absolute best took place in the Atlanta airport on my return trip to Minnesota. Clinics were over, church services finished, last words said, hugs given, final good-byes, prayers whispered, last supper, bags pulled from conveyor belts, more … Continue reading Michael (Part 1)


It was quite possibly the best ten days of my life. It is also equally possible that they were the most challenging, joyful, sad, beautiful days of my entire life. These fragile, fleeting moments allowed for a far more intentional dependence on Jesus as the only One who really matters and the only One who … Continue reading Home


Life is deep. And sometimes we get lost in the darkness of these depths. Every so often, I find myself feeling life so deeply, I don’t know what to do. Yesterday was another one of those days. From discovering the return of Baba’s tumor just a week post-removal, to leading the food meeting at work, … Continue reading Depths


Be. This is both a passive and an active word. It speaks of being still, but anyone who has ever just been knows that it also takes an active effort to reach that state of being. Most times, I am far more of a doer than a be-er. Though I am an introvert, and appear … Continue reading Be