Life is deep. And sometimes we get lost in the darkness of these depths. Every so often, I find myself feeling life so deeply, I don’t know what to do. Yesterday was another one of those days. From discovering the return of Baba’s tumor just a week post-removal, to leading the food meeting at work, … Continue reading Depths


James Winnes: A Life Well Lived

Silver everywhere. The wind is a sorrowful, tinkling silver. The rain is a wet, heavy silver. Tears running down faces are a slippery, transparent silver. It is a color of profound sadness, but it is also the color of deepest joy. Just four short days ago, a precious friend took Jesus’ hand and walked into eternity … Continue reading James Winnes: A Life Well Lived


Be. This is both a passive and an active word. It speaks of being still, but anyone who has ever just been knows that it also takes an active effort to reach that state of being. Most times, I am far more of a doer than a be-er. Though I am an introvert, and appear … Continue reading Be