One year ago today, I wrote this piece about Harvard. How can it be that it has been 1 1/2 years since he went away? Exactly six months ago, my bestest friend went home to be with Jesus. Knowing the gracious, beautiful heart of Jesus makes me think that He is probably incredibly happy having … Continue reading Harvard

A Dizzying Delight in Jesus

  “Faster! Faster!” Girlish shrieks fill the still September evening. Flashes of hard yellow were mingled with flowing, soft colors. The division of earth and sky was lost. All was one. “Open your eyes, Rach! Look at the clouds!” “I can’t! I’m too dizzy!” Sputters of conversation blurred with the motion. Laughter flowed from the … Continue reading A Dizzying Delight in Jesus

Nearing the End of This Race

Reaching. Stretching. Straining. Dreaming. Dancing. Running. That last flat line before rounding the final curve. End pressing in. Time falling faster. Breath coming harder. Track disappearing beneath moving feet. Blurred motion. Blowing hair. Do more. Be more. Give more. It’s the almost-but-not-quite. The here-but-not-yet. Holding and letting go. Close enough to touch and taste. Almost … Continue reading Nearing the End of This Race

Exploring the Mysteries of the Gospel as Fellow Travelers

We miss so much God when we devalue the creation made in his image—Imago Dei. Goodness, life is a giant soup pot of mess, nastiness, stink. But it is also in this melting pot that so much beauty, worth, value, and life is found. Possibly, might could be found—if one is just willing to look … Continue reading Exploring the Mysteries of the Gospel as Fellow Travelers

Autumn {or the weight of glory in a thousand scattered beams}

Arms on the windowsill. Night sounds being funneled through the screen like cream through a cheesecloth. A full moon that looks more like an almost-ripe pumpkin than the golden orb it actually is. Tears falling from eyes. Cicadas singing a thousand variations of the same lullaby. Leaves silently releasing their hold on branches that have … Continue reading Autumn {or the weight of glory in a thousand scattered beams}