Exploring the Mysteries of the Gospel as Fellow Travelers

We miss so much God when we devalue the creation made in his image—Imago Dei. Goodness, life is a giant soup pot of mess, nastiness, stink. But it is also in this melting pot that so much beauty, worth, value, and life is found. Possibly, might could be found—if one is just willing to look … Continue reading Exploring the Mysteries of the Gospel as Fellow Travelers

I Smiled Again

It was a beautiful day. Perfect in many ways. Incredibly wonderful. My soul was refreshed and renewed. Jesus was more real than he’s been in months. I experienced life to the full and it took my breath away. I was alive. Yesterday was the closest to a real day off I’ve had in six months. … Continue reading I Smiled Again


This is a difficult Thanksgiving season for me. Gratitude has come far easier most years. It has proven strenuous to see the trees in the midst of the woods—it is hard to pick out the good and really great from all the perceived loss and pain. But it’s Thanksgiving and I am choosing to be … Continue reading Grateful